IPM Implementation in Africa

IPM Implementation in Africa

Incorporation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into agro-ecosystems continues to show promising results as growers move away from over-reliance on chemical pesticides as the only option for managing pests.

Promotion of uptake of IPM by Member States is thus an integral part of IAPSC mandate. IPM is a holistic and robust approach to the management of pests with little, if any, hazardous impacts on the environment as well as to non-target organisms.

IAPSC has partnered with various research and science based organizations to sensitize and enhance the knowledge base of Member states on the myriad of pest management options offered within an IPM package.

IAPSC continues to advocate for the use and uptake and implementation of IPM strategies whilst encouraging NPPOs of Member States to train and advice farmers and growers on the flexible and varied options offered by IPM while still using chemical pesticides in a judicious manner.

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Completed Project

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21 April 2017

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