Invasive Alien Species Risk Management

Invasive Alien Species Risk Management

Management of Invasive alien species is paramount to the achievement of the mandate of IAPSC. This ensures that should an invasive species gain entry into the continent through one of the Member States via a specific agent, there are viable mechanisms to contain and/or eradicate the invasive species; this ensures the invasive species does not spread and establish in its new habitat.

To this end, IAPSC has on several occasions sought to enhance the capacity of NPPOs of Member States to detect, identify and assess the risk of new species upon entry into a country. Member States capacity to develop and put in place management strategies to control invasive alien species has also been enhanced. Member States are able to meet and share the strides made
as well as the challenges faced in invasive alien species management.

IAPSC hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop in December 2019 to review a “Strategy on Management of Invasive Species (fauna and flora) in Africa.” It is envisaged that once finalised and adopted, this strategy with provide a coordinated and harmonized continental mechanism for sustainable invasive alien species management.

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Completed Project

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21 April 2017

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