August 30, 2021     2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress          -          August 30, 2021     2022 Plant Health Agriculture Bioscience Conference          -          August 09, 2021     Pooling of efforts for the implementation of electronic solutions for plant protection          -          March 15, 2021     Virtual meeting for the harmonization of actions in the field of plant protection


To fulfil its mission, AU-IAPSC continuously works on new, strong, innovative and effective partnerships and alliances, both to assemble and to disseminate

know how of improved plant protection concepts and approaches, as well as to boost its performance in terms of harmonization of legislation and standards and to deliver standard operating procedures of good plant protection practices. As a continental organization, AU-IAPSC is committed to working with a range of various national, regional and international partners on both the technical and political levels.

These include :