Communications Specialists meet to strategize for CAADP

Communications Specialists meet to strategize for CAADP

Communications Specialists meet to strategize for CAADP

This week, AU-IAPSC is part of stakeholders who are meeting in Nairobi-Kenya to strategize on how to enhance strategic communication support to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme #CAADP #Malabo declaration (2022-2025).

CAADP Malabo declaration is Africa’s policy framework for agricultural transformation, wealth creation, food security and nutrition, economic growth and prosperity for all.

In 2014, African Heads of State and Governments adopted the Malabo Declaration, a landmark re-commitment to the CAADP principles and goals adopted in 2003 through the Maputo Declaration

The meeting which has brought together Communications Specialists from various partner organizations, is providing a platform for engagement with all stakeholders to the CAADP agenda to develop a joint communication strategy to enhance outreach, visibility, advocacy, political will, and action around the CAADP.

Communication Specialists from various institutions who are strategizing on the CAADP agenda, Nairobi-Kenya. Photo courtesy of PolicyLink

The communication strategy is meant to among many motives, equip stakeholders such as members of the media, with the relevant tools to powerfully articulate the status, breadth, and progress of the Malabo targets, towards deepening understanding of the agricultural transformation agenda.

The Communications Specialists have successfully drawn up communication, advocacy, and knowledge management plans and activities to support and complement #CAADP processes in order to drive awareness, achieve collective participation, ownership, inclusivity at all levels.

African Union IAPSC Information and Communications Officer Chipiliro Kansilanga said the gathering is of great benefit to IAPSC as it’s work revolves around the CAADP agenda.

“As a Specialized Technical Office, our work feeds directly into the CAADP agenda and so our participation in this meeting cannot be overemphasized. Apart from providing us an opportunity to strengthen collaborations and enhance partnerships with fellow Communications Specialists, it will enable us rethink our approaches since all our work has the same goal,” she said.

Also under discussion during the meeting is the need to prioritise communication and knowledge management activities for the 4th Bi-annual (BR) cycle report, which is key in the implementation of the CAADP agenda.

The meeting is also set to institute a coordination mechanism to facilitate collaboration among communication stakeholders in support of CAADP.

High on the meeting’s agenda is the support to members of the media and how they can be engaged fully in the implementation of CAADP, in a way that bridges the gap between CAADP and the ordinary masses for which the initiative exists.

The Communications Specialists have been drawn from the African Union Commission (AUC), AUDA-NEPAD, AU-IBAR, AU-IASPC, RECs, PolicyLink, AKADEMIYA2063, AGRA, FAO, WFP, HarvestPlus, IFPRI, ILRI, TASAI among others.

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