September 19, 2019     AU-IAPSC engages Member States on Integrated Pest Management          -          September 09, 2019     Happy African Union Day          -          September 04, 2019     IPPC Regional Workshop for Africa          -          July 29, 2020     AU-IAPSC hosts 13th Steering Committee

IPPC Regional Workshop for Africa

IPPC Regional Workshop for Africa

IPPC Regional Workshop for Africa

Participants to the 2019 Regional Workshop in Africa

We are at the 2019 IPPC Regional Workshop for Africa, at AU-IBAR Headquarters in Kenya, where through our Senior Scientific Officers, Prof. Abdel Fattah Mabrouk Amer (Entomology) and Ms Luiza Munyua (Phytopathology) we are sharing some of the best practices in plant health.

Our mission is to develop, promote and coordinate sustainable Plant Health systems among continental, regional and national actors for increased agricultural production and market access. Our vision is robust Plant Health Systems and reduced pest risks, to contribute to better livelihoods, enhanced trade and biodiversity preservation in Africa.

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