Migratory Pests Management

Migratory Pests Management


IAPSC together with various partner organizations have collaborated in developing mechanisms and strategies to manage a number of migratory pests in Member States of Africa.

These mechanisms and strategies involve building the capacity of NPPOs to have robust monitoring and surveillance systems. IAPSC has continued to advocate for the establishment of a continental pest alert and early warning system.

This system would ensure that NPPOs and Member States have adequately monitor pest movement as well as have access to prompt pest outbreak alerts before the pests migrate into any country or region.

IAPSC is also advocating for the establishment of a Continental Pest Information System. This will enable Member States to report or receive reports of any sightings of migratory pests that pose a threat to their country or region.

Pest data collated from the Pest Information System will assist in the forecasting of migratory pest outbreaks and ensure that Member States are adequately prepared to contain, control or eradicate these migratory pests.

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Completed Project

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21 April 2017

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