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AU-IAPSC engages Member States on Integrated Pest Management

AU-IAPSC engages Member States on Integrated Pest Management


In collaboration with the Government of the Republic of the Gambia,   African Union Interafrican Phytosanitary Council (AU-IAPSC) organized  a workshop which aims to building the capacity of AU Member States on Integrated Pest Management Strategies and Implementation of IPM for Sustainable Agriculture.

This event, which saw the participation of representatives from 14 member states, was held from September 19 to 21, 2019 at Baobab Holiday Resort in Banjul with the aim of addressing crop productivity, to ensure food security across the African continent.

This workshop was the opportunity not only to inform and strengthen the capacities of countries in integrated pest management but also by examining the challenges, opportunities, concepts and principles of integrated pest management, to promote a sharing of experience between participating member states.

Thus, it being understood that all participants agreed that IPM is a sustainable approach to crop production and protection, throughout the exchanges, it was mainly a question of discussing:

  • The concept of integrated pest control,
  • Actions to be taken with a view to better promoting regional cooperation in the area of ​​sustainable agricultural production and;
  • Identify the gaps in the areas mentioned in each country.

After three days of booming work, many deliberations and recommendations were made. The Director General AU-IAPSC Dr. Jean Gerard MEZUI M`ELLA also made a commitment to the participants to strive to implement the recommendations addressed to him

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